Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Radio Active #33: Battlestar Galactica Season 2 Soundtrack, Uncle Bear Podcast

Radio Active #33 is online after I successfully hid away on the third floor and forced myself to get the damn thing done. It features a review of the Battlestar Galactica Season 2 soundtrack, and various ramblings about the new Nuketown

NT Redesign: It's Alive!

The new Nuketown is up (and thus, the number of posts around here is down). So far response has been positive, but there hasn't been much in the way of comments, so I'm working on penning some content specifically aimed at getting a response.

Monday, July 03, 2006

NT Redesign: All Over Except for the DNS...

The redesign is finished -- yesterday I setup the email addresses through the new house and worked out the page forwarding scheme that will make sure people can get from the old pages to the new ones. I also told Network Solutions to point to the new Web hosting service, an arcane process known as changing the DNS. Now those changes neeed to spread through the internet, and once they do, the new site will be accessible.